Stian Kleivdal

Hometown: Geilo
Years twintip/board: 13 years
Sponsors: Billanong og K2
Favorite trick:
Backflip 4 life
Most disliked trick: Screw Backside Rodeo 540
Favorite type of rail: Plain fat pipe down rail
Listening to: Everything but Metal Rock
Got any pets: Had a bird named Dolly. Not anymore though.
Fastest you’ve ever been on skis/board and where (approx): Probably 100 km/h in Hintertux
Chair ride with any 3 people in the world, who: Kylie Jenner, Rob Dyrdek, Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey)
What to do if the park closed: Build a small kicker and do laid out double backflips. Or just do some pow turns.
Best element in Tirilparken: The three blue kickers is allways a winner.
Advice for a park newbie: Jump on the kickers, not on the railkickers

Teamrider Stian