Siver Voll

Hometown: Geilo
Years twintip/board: Twintip, 6 years
Sponsors: Dynastar and wizardwear
Favorite trick:
sw cork 5 safety
Most disliked trick: lip keyfed
Favorite type of rail: dub kink
Listening to: Asap mob, Riff raff, Mac Miller and more
Got any pets: dog
Fastest you’ve ever been on skis/board and where (approx): I don’t know, ha ha
Chair ride with any 3 people in the world, who: Johnny Depp, Charlie Owens and John Dillinger
What to do if the parks closed: just hanging out with friends, and doing fun stuff! Ha ha
Best element in Tirilparken: the dub kink end S –rail
Advice for a park newbie: just have fun and watch a lot of park edits.

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