Rafael Garrido

Hometown: Geilo
Years twintip/board: 8-9 years
Sponsors: just you guys: ) Tirilparken
Favorite trick:
Rail slides
Most disliked trick: Anything woodsy does is pretty damn awful !
Favorite type of rail: Down rails, dub kinks.. I mostly enjoy all types.
Listening to: Everything from psychedelic rock from the 70’s to bobby raps
Got any pets:  I got a lil kitty and a dawgie
Fastest you’ve ever been on skis/board and where (approx): hmmm… this is really hard question! But maybe when I went down the steepest slope in Trysil. I’m guessing around 200 km/h. Which by the way was no big deal for me:)
Chair ride with any 3 people in the world, who: Travis Heed, Alan Watts and Bob Marley
What to do if the park closed: Find other stuff around the mountain to jib and have fun with other ride some powder if there is any or just og home and be lazy.
Best element in Tirilparken: Hmm let me think.. the spinebank is a lot of fun and the s- rail and ahh.. Everything that slides really!!
Advice for a park newbie: Stay away from the landings and try not to be a complete Jerry!!

Raffael Garrido2

Raffael Garrido